Organic Fake

I am a lonely soul unmarked by love or lust, nothing more than a beating heart and a pulse. Enough is not enough to even get through to the nearest metronome of the heart. Not an hour, or minute let alone a day to atone for my state of my union without God. Just like a Love Jones that cannot make a timely breakthrough, the ones you love can’t even reach you.

When even God’s hand you throw to the side like dishes, only washing your hands when the dirt on your shoulders starts to mount and leave them unclean. How can a life without him be so sublime and full of foolishness? I compare these trials to a rainstorm, or a brainstorm, or better yet a blame storm. Not always pleasant, cleansing, or surreal to the soul. The rain I speak of is dark and gloomy, and never seems to keep you out of the cold.

When the clouds and thunder roll away, more and more rainfall comes pouring into your life. Like 40 days and 40 nights of rain, it takes a toll on your soul, $1.00 here, $.35, even the EZ-pass wont make you whole as you lie like grass and whither away in the fold. Nothing seems to soothe the emotion of being alive to the world but dead to your soul. Have you left your soul out, or sold your soul, to walk in hell on earth with no soles, and your feet out? Sunny days and amber waves of grain are not in our window panes, the blessings of Heaven can’t flow through your window, God can’t open the window for you, and you’ve nailed it shut to keep your worldly brainstorm out, not realizing God has all the clout. As you sit back and loathe in your emotions, you realize the rain is not from the world but from your own self pity.

You can’t stop the brain of your thoughts, as its always working like Subway’s, not eating fresh but tunneling ideas over and under control of free will. The world is not you master, don’t let the world master your being, keep you from your spiritual ceiling. Lean not on your own understandings of life, understand morals of living a trifling life, be an extension of the walk you need with Christ, not the walk you have with real life, seek a higher power of affection on your calculator add up the blessings, subtract the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and of Eve ill’s, divide your thoughts and emotions, and multiply your encounters with God! Let him smooth away your dying soul to take away the pain from within…


2 thoughts on “Organic Fake

  1. Debra A. Davis says:

    Awesome words of wisdom, realizing that you are nothing without Christ is the greatest knowledge of all. I highly respect a man that fears God.

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