Faith Worksight

I woke up not knowing what I was going to write on. Very strange to me because I always have a thought in mind. A picture of something close to me appeared and I felt compelled to share where it brought me.

In life we should seek the greater good of others.

Take a new job far off, plan a course of action that no one else seems to agree with, or in some cases mistakenly forget where we came from. Picture being on trial for a crime you did not commit only to get a not guilty verdict. Only to be and be guilty of negligence. Too many times have a fell to being human and not fallen on the shoulders of God to help me in times of certain failure.

I know I am strong enough to resist temptation, yet my lack in maturity, leads me to think, is my faith still under construction. I want the best for those around me, but am I faithful to the task at hand, am I really doing it for me or saying I am for them. Is the fall I am taking for the personal satisfaction saying, I did it, I made it outshining my true love for myself, for my health, or am I too busy trying to increase my wealth.

Busy trying to increase my ends only to learn that I’m falling short to God and he will be at my wits end? If you want to build in God’s kingdom, you must have faith to build a development of your faith! You have an architect to supply you with the blueprint, we must follow the blueprint with no deviation, no additions, no two car garage to house our emotions and how we feel, no spacious bedroom to leave or worries on cares to sleep on.

He who gives us faith has given us exactly what we need to build our faith. He gives power tools to the weak so that we may drill through our worries and fears and make a headway through the walls of life. He gives saws, measuring tapes, and wood to help kindle the fire within even the most seasoned of follower to help keep the desire to become better alive. If properly used the tools will help mature your faith into a nurtured and well organized development, find you lot today and start the foundation to build on your faith, it may be under attack but its also under construction!


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