Open Marriage?

My thoughts are too much! While on the way to work this morning a question popped into my head. If God gave a survey to believer’s and nonbelievers alike how would we check the box for relationship status?

Single, married, divorced,  or open?

Would we say we are in a marriage with God desiring to become more entrenched in our relationship to make it grow, a partnership of sublime affection and dedication, never faltering to any temptation? Will we be single and roll solo from God because our relationship with our selfishness is too much to pass up?

Will we be divorced from him because in our eyes we feel, “I tried God out and it wasn’t hitting on anything,he didn’t do it for me, I can do better by myself. He lost that passion of the Christ we started with, I can only feel the same way for someone so many time, Im tired of the same ol thang.

Or in a sense will we say it is an open relationship. “God I love you!” but I’m going to forget everything I know about you to fit in at work, with acquaintances, with family members, hell I’m even open to going with those people in the church who are like a gang and don’t agree with one thing but will meet up more than they come to church, read the bible, or make bible study, because they are at that said meeting blasting the pastor, cursing the church, but wont build on God’s kingdom because the have no platfrom to work.

We complain about those who aren’t saved but never worry about who was saved first, the survey will be skewed because the truth hurts. Which box are you checking, are we afraid to check or erase the correct box to make it right, don’t look left your personal relationship however you want it is straight ahead, God already knows the survey he’s looking to see who will stand firm to the test…


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