God Giving Talent

The yo yo effects of life cannot affect our consistent relationship with Christ.When in trouble or doubt, we must cling to the word and not attempt to rationalize the situation with a worldly application of fear. We must not run from the arc of safety into the wilderness of despair.

Stay inside, stay warm! When God calls us to action be his right hand man, and stay close to receive the call to action! When its made plain, make God’s words come alive and take off from your thoughts. Spread the fliers of the good news around to anyone person who will put a hand out to receive the message. Social pressure and fear in your abilities will not and cannot dictate the words you speak.

The message you have must be heard!

It will be received by those who need to hear what God has put inside you! The audience you encounter might be the very person you need to save.


No matter how unpopular the truth is, it often times messes with what the eyes of temptation wanted to do.

Clean your glasses, the glass is still half full, let God bring you an overflow so you can share what you have been blessed with to others, share the testimony…


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