Supply are you Demanding?

God has always been a provider, and a facilitator! He has the supply, we must believe he has the tools of the trade to fix any task at hand. Not in our worldly time because our watch has never given us the right time of day to day. The time we tell is like a lie, always getting away from us and soon out of our control. God’s divine moment is when we shall be blessed!

Whether his answer is yes, no, or not at this time, we must stand firm with his decision, and not take family matters into the hands of others! Like a football, we are not always equipped to take the bumps and the bruises that come with doing God’s work.

We do not know what to do when we fumble the ROCK, or how to make up for lost time when we are behind the 8 ball. Stay in queue, hold on a little longer so God can strike when the iron is hot and push your problems into the corner pocket! Stay Encouraged for a blessed day and week…

Copyright © 2009 Flashlight in the Daytime


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