Quotes Corner

“ I lose when I choose to do things my way!” 

“The life that Christ has is hidden in Christ, once we have that life the journey will be joyous!”   hidden= stored

“ Never be satisfied or content with your situation, always desire to be greater!”

“ As Christians we are NOT EXEMPT from humanities temptations!”

“There will never be any surprises when you stay in line with God’s plan, wait on the ride!”

“You can be provoked by God’s wisdom, or dragged down by the weight of your own rebellion (foolishness)”

“Losing control may force you to forfeit what you desire the most”

We must find things that are stored in Christ nothing is hidden from us, but we must seek them out with an excitement to stick to the script! Everyone starts with the same script, but not everyone ends with the same title screen at the end, the credits roll, who is on your credits… THE END


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