We dont believe you…

This walk has a new vigor for life, because in past times, my Time’s magazine was stolen from press. I let you borrow it and read the pages as you wished, letting you type cast me into a series of headlines of how you saw my life should be. This isn’t unsolved mysteries! Just because I ran with you didn’t mean I had to keep up to the pace.

I always wanted a better way but I peered into your book of rhymes to borrow your space. Borrowed your tales, yelled out one, two, one, two, and was counting your thoughts and not mine. Now you let a brotha come into his own and its hate time. I’m a sophomore CD you have me destined to flop. Whenever you say God makes a change people call you flip-flop, might as well call me hip-hop.

A move was made here, a choice there, you look at me like I’m in despair. He won’t make any Michael Jordan Sparks, and now you see me with No Air. Looking at my is like the gospel hour, turn that channel turn on something with more flair. Man you like Rhianna fans with that Chris Brown stare. Just yesterday I was the man, I fell from your podium,  I slipped up I lost the chair.

Now I lay claim to my problems whether they are humane or lame, you still look at me with shame. God I thought when I walked with you I would have some fame because I claimed your name? Tap the snare to see the sounds I hear as I reappear in a new light. Its my word as bond that since I fell into God’s arms we can’t get along. All of a sudden now I can’t play your songs.

He got it all figured out now, he siddidy now so I can’t play around in your wrongs. The Bible has to change my rap because I know quotes now its no more boom bap, more like look he learned to church clap. Last week we saw you in the club doing the thunder clap. Man that dude is wack he more double-sided than tape, we cant hear his crap.

You trying to usher in some new kind of you, but man dawg we know you see through, transparent like peek-a-boo, we read your notes from notes, and dawg we are still next you. But I keep asking why do I have to prove I need more people? I don’t need you, but God needs me! He planted the seeds to give us what we need, with no hook, just a 66 books. I can’t steal a glance or take a quick look.

It is my life you watch when you take a glance at my book. Remember my story is unfinished, but my deadline is already booked. Don’t follow me for my words. Follow my voice as he changed slurs into positive verbs.  Bringing you positive thoughts to give you what I have heard. Yeah I grew up a little and matured by following word. My walk WILL never be perfect, be patient look at what God did to me not the visuals you claim to see!


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