No Way Out

My verbs are my bond, from my seeds to their moms. I’m posting bail from my incarcerated scarface of desperation, freeing my intelligent captive cells. Catch the flyer’s of my thoughts as I spread my wings like bird flu. 

I heighten thoughts from above my cerebellum like unlimited minutes on your Boost phone. I’m no different from hue. I can  black or white, but we all blemish black and blue. We all u-turn from those that are true, trying to make money to land in the black maybach coupe.
Check CNN we’re the opposite of the Crips, we broke like corpuscle, my veins are spewing Blood red.  Loop back running  track at the end of the day my verbs are my bond. Even if we are the same people with the same script, we feel different just stick to the script!
 Doesn’t matter if I have family sedan and you date Hoopz, you still a broke nigga with money in a Bentley coupe. Two doors instead of four you implore you cant afford more cause you riding around Atlanta in a broke nigga’s version of a Honda Accord!
Last time I  cashed my check, my stocks and bonds were on the rise, your Bentley lost money as soon as you cut the check, whoa is your demise. Balance your thoughts, break bread. Stop trying to divide a Devil’s pie, open your eyes wide!

Family Ties

Foolish people cannot avoid strife by themselves they always need a palm and a pilot for directions! What a true statement! When I look out into the world I always see the fallacy in life that are the leeches that hold onto your roots in life.

The people that latch onto you when you finally are more than just a family member. You make it big in the aspirations of your life, and the people who were there from the start come into the picture to knock you down. They pull you over, because you gave them a cold shoulder when you went off to college. So they can search the vehicle of your dreams to see what you are intoxicated with that has you swerving into a whole new lane in life.

Having God as your driver is not an easy task. You always have those who want to ride shotgun while they blast you into the backseat  of shame. People want to know your secret and what got you to be “a goodie too shoes” or “high and mighty”. Man please get a clue! Open up a book and learn to love your God! Love yourself, so you can gain some wealth and admire the stock you should be putting into yourself.

We never get to the root of the problem, people always want to cut you down at the part of your tree where everyone can see you. They get you rotten to the core when they expose your emotions, and show you who you really were, and start to bark up the wrong tree.  All they can see is “that cat is doing good and we all know dogs can’t climb on tree’s!”

The haters wont attatch at the limbs, their hate is too heavy! Their fall would be from the top, and their weight of pride would allow a steep cause of lusty design.  The fruit of your labor is guarded by your lightweight efforts that pay fruitbearing dividends, their fruit is no longer their tree has bad hair days like no perm, look at their direction it has split ends!

Poetic Justice

Your Perception vs. My Reality

Sometimes you sellout on yourself, because you have sold yourself short. You sold the farm to buy your dreams. I’m Beyond saying (Beyonce in) it won’t work without a J to Z my subway of thoughts! Shaq and Kobe didn’t work because Kobe had a dream and knew in his mind that without Shaq it will work out!
Your doubt won’t overshadow you when your talents can promote someone else’s dream.

You can only be a hype man, when the yes man gets fired from the team. Yeah I saw greener pastures when what I envisioned had a rear view mirror of backwords, and nege Tivo that graced my minds calm that was cast in the streams of fate, or dreams of the fake! I ran after the actor, boy was that a disaster.

I got played, I’m faded. See I took a jumper, when the safe bet was to take a sky hook, to shield my from the criticisms, seal my fate away from my looks. All I needed was a quick 2 points, to see my life for what it is. You waste talent trying to follow another kid. I was slept on, was a thorn in the side when all I wanted was to give service, and let my wings fold out like a sidekick.

I cardboard boxed up my thoughts, to try to be the body when all it cost was to give up my soul, be called every name but my own, be confused and abused, because what you were trying to do was defame my God given name. I’ve been in mental jail and was placed in the hole that tried to rip my soul and carry me through hell! The ridicule and cured,  like ham you served me to the masses, wow you might as well call me a Stan, but I’m just a fan.

I might not have clout but to you my words will speak out loud! Be true to yourself people the perception is just that perception, the reality is I’m God’s child no questions asked!


Quotable Stimulus Package

In these days and time when we need something to give us a boost when we are in depression, we look to monetary stimulus, extra in our checks, and miracle working hours to save our last dime. Turn to a book, to take a look in to the past, present and future.

We already know how to follow the path, yet we follow people down there path. Take the quotes I bring to you, they are always around and they will forever last! Have a blessed day, and remember you are who you are, not who they say you are….

The only way to take the stench of the world off of you is to Febreeze your way through to a new day!

Blessings dont come to the lazy, but to the the committed, excellent, and fervent worker…

When you do what you need to do, God will do what you can’t do!

Reminders from your experiences rekindle the fire for things that have been quenched by life’s storms…

People will tell you what you wont be, until you change the way God need you to be!


Joi to the World

It is soooooo beautiful to see someone you grew-up with grow to become a beautiful beacon of light for the world to see. I am  honored and blessed to see a dear friend doing God’s work. She has always been a joy to the world, and now for all to see her shine! Joi I’m proud of you and all that you are doing, God is truly using you for your purpose in life!


Bound up Frustration?

When God promotes you, you are EXALTED! Temptation will come, ridicule will come, criticism will come, but you are better equipped to stave off elimination from grace.

Don’t be bound to lose yourself, be loose to circulate the good news you have been given. Experience with God will loose you from temptation, anxiety, mistreatment and fiery circumstances!

@ the end of the day God will always show up to scene of your troubles and tribulations, when he does he expects us to show out when we triumph!