Special News Bulletin

While we point the finger, we actually were pointing towards ourselves. In reality we blame the TV and put the ownership on BET, and not the owner of the TV. Like others around us we blame them for the Black communities Ill’s for all the negativity that is seen.

Man we should spend less time worrying what they were doing and holding ourselves, and the people in our community accountable for what we see. Think again, we could have not fallen a stray like the cats we feud with, cause we sometimes watch that same TV.

As people we systematically eliminate ourselves from the picture like black people in Scream. We are gone right before after the opening credits, and after that we are never seen. We are never heard because some of us in church try to hide behind the church doors. Not all of the people in the black community go to church, listen to the praised word, or have a Bible to even read some of the printed words.

Those who know sometimes count on God for everything, but never pick up the word. They visit their doctor only once or twice a week, and then they are never heard. Counting on God is one part but with no personal effort its just something you heard, no personal relationship, and you have the nerve to make rules up at times to say that your words are better than mine, because in your mind they keep you us in line.

We have strayed so far from where we portray. The beacon of light we try to shine is dead without the batteries of a truly rechargeable life. Most people don’t know, so they accept the status quo, and are told it will be alight because we justify the flow that is a life with Christ.

Tell them God will heal, and he is real, and everything you do is can be concealed. Man please we have to know that God can’t help you if your sick if you don’t heed the medicine he might bring, or ignore the instructions of the of what you need.

You feel you prayed and chose your own way, but were you patient for the answer that God had in play?. We as a community just cannot blame Black Exploitation Television for all the problems in the world. We must hold ourselves accountable to be the one’s who shape our boys and girls.

The looks of despair can’t just look to the church, there is an action that comes with the word. All do not fully understand what it is all about. Some of us treat it like a social club, and that is not what it’s all about.


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