Craf-t in the Kitchen

Their is an unwritten war that we live in… Stolen thoughts have taken headlines as ammunition is the volition of power. Heisted from land mines to heavens minds. Bombs over Baghdad in Outkast skies when those words flew from ATLiens. Brain waves fly maliciously over sound waves of maize, amber waves, no grain.

The condition to rise and fall for the  sound of music that had me hit pause, sounded so good I went to the bomb shelter to vault those thoughts. Sound bomb’s dropping to a deafening voice, I cooked up a tasty choice, I’m hot and fresh out the kitchen to keep your palette moist with this Duncan Hines tasters choice bouquet of freshly picked words.

You see I cook up words, use my Pyrex vision to measure God’s words. You thought I added to much God to this, look again its enough to learn a few blurbs. Test me, he blessed me, to refresh see, I read the recipe to learn how to perfect this Kraft, its like mac and cheese!

Words like hot tea you can’t touch thee. Taste the healing properties, its made from scratch, all I did was add 2 spoon fulls of similies, a pinch of me, a whole lotta love, all while it baked in God’s property…


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