Perception TV

There are many things in the life I do not understand. At times I’m a fan, or even a Stan.  I ask alot of questions I wanted to walk through life holding your hand. People criticize because I’m supposed to have it figured out. They see people on TV that scream and shout, throw their bodies aimlessly, let loose of their change, man its perception TV.

The view-master of  life clicks to different scenes. I see me in the same surroundings after I came from church. The bar is where you spotted me. Spotted this scene since I was out of place, only a water in my hand but the image you saw proved my allegiance was broken. I might be out and I act like I’m brand new, that’s not the case, I just changed my address but you see the same body and the same face.

Last week I was just with the crew, not McDonald’s but you would think I have a job as much as I hang with them. I’m always in church, but my flesh died that day in a hearse. All black tie affair, no cheating there, I just remixed my mind and fell to the pulpit in despair.

I had fallen on hard times, so I needed a news flash of info in my pamphlet. Yes I still sin, it gets me no closer to him, its always an L and never a win. My higher learning has me at remedial 101, give me a chance to learn by reading his memories, check back again so you can see how he recreate’s your memories of me.


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