Moment of Truth pt .1

Sitting up in my room, back here thinking about the crystal clear view I had before I traveled miles down the row’s to give my center stage appearance. I appear to you as a man, that’s all I am. My images are more because you wanted the black album just so you could ask for an Encore. Do you you want more?

I cook up my raw footage of reel time action, and scenes cut from my own point and click of view. You too cast me in dreary skies as an Outkast. Since I don’t fish I cast my outs past what you view me as.

The pay per view movie you ordered is not new it was already on demand, but you as a Nostalja fan could never understand what I see in life’s atrocities because you see me as a man in dark times, living through light. Man step inside my head and you will see how I want to purge and pillage the spirit that is spite!


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