Words in the Keys of Life

The flow of words that bless our hearts manufacture the love we have for the sounds of life. Only one can be plucked or struck at a time. Striking them correctly takes practice,creates an atmosphere in our mind that soothes the inner ego into a place of sublime bliss.

Practice makes perfect like in anything, but we learn from striking the wrong note. Sharing the wrong group of thoughts, having the wrong vocal chord when we try to sing how we feel over bars, hooks, or even the baseline, with showing through words how we really look.

The keys to life will open any door. Correctly playing the right notes, will always have you syllables, I’s dotted and t’s crossed. With this in mind when playing the right notes you never get lost in the metronome that is life! God gave us the chair for the performance of a lifetime.

Have you practiced the notes and sheets of music he gave you, or are you covering up your weakness by only learning the wrong way to play the perfect song? In your mistakes remember playing the wrong note sounds bad to the ear, only touch the wrong note one time and remember the sound for the next time…


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