80’s baby ( 80’s TV)

In the Heat of the Night I go to a Different World somewhere between St. Elsewhere and 21 Jump Street. I scheme team with Ron Johnson to look for God’s street signs around every corner, and got pulled in to Aresnio’s Hallway stuck between the White Shadows and the Fame before me.

I know they say its Different Strokes for different folks, but the Facts of Life are that I am lost in this Small Wonder of life and have no Vickie to help save my life. The Wonder Years of life have passed me by, and Winnie left me because she couldn’t stand a man that wanted to be In Living Colors but had to many Growing Pains to stand up like a man. Couldn’t face the Family Ties that bind his heart, body and mind. Turn the mundane thoughts into the sublime.

Could not be patient and turn his mind into a fine wine that ages with time. That’s to late like infomercials it would show in the 3 am time slot. He has been praying for so long that even in his grace did he forget to say Amen, or acknowledge that living without peace is Living Single without marrying God. In that life there is an Empty Nest, never a Full House.

The Cheers are gone and the gang isn’t all there anymore. All you have is one mic, two turntables and a whole life to grow. What you didn’t know when you try to dip, dodge, and duck the truth you will always be trying to dodge the balls that are thrown your way? Columbo wont even be able to solve the mystery that is you in 30 minutes even if the A-team were on your side to help you get through this time commercial free. No way to not be commercial in life’s TV.

All we can do is live this life through, to get to the terminal to the most high, without the crash of a blunted object smoking through the affections of our friendly skies. I’m no Macgyver but I took the words and used the verbs to piece together my thought with a paper clip, some chips, a nail file, and my brain’s eye. That vision enables me to do what I want to paint this imagery of what could or might be in my reality, press pause on the DVR and watch God’s brush stokes of my Life TV.


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