Gravity (remix)

Gravity is everything around me, it sometimes is a mystery how the people all around me are working against my dreams, fighting for the overtime of my thoughts process. It pulls the attraction of my hope and aspirations breathe away from me. The earth inside my heart is sucked away by the attraction of negativity. I always had a career of a job, but never realized I was working against me.

The gravity of the situation left me alone against the gravity of the forces of nature that were always placed upon me. Thats why I want to live in a space where I can fly from place to place. To spread the wings that were oppressed from me on this mother of Earth. In my heart Im always outside of the gravitron of life, because I’m not like you I wont live in strife, fighting wars with guns, while little kids run with pipe… bombs they throw over Earth.
On my Star Trek, my backpack is filled to the brim with space age 8ball thoughts with MJG riding shotgun.   Shake up the 8ball to see my futures fortune like cracked cookies it is written on a small scrap of paper. 12 gauges of these thoughts are spread across the sky as you see the light show that is my ascension from gravity! Take off your thoughtproof vest to blast off!

Enjoy the show…


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