Standing Room Only Experience

The blessings we get carry a responsibility! While we are walking through life we cannot be worried about the walk of other people around us.

You need to have your own relationship, testimony, before you can help anyone else in their trial by fire, you must have experience, a commitment to excellence, and what is your conduct? Life is full of disappointment and difficulty, but the good part about life is that with God in your life you go into a situation, come out of it, get some rest, and than into another situation. The only positive way to look is up, when you are at a crossroads.

Going through anything worth its merit in life builds character, and experience for the next time something is thrown your way. The only way to build up your tolerance level of experience is to have a concoction of faith mixed with the word. That is the elixir of hope that is the glue to keep you from falling apart when a storm tries to blow you over.

When people close to you add insult to injury, by trying to sway the tree that you hang in the balance. When these critics and circumstances come crashing into you like Hurricane Katrina waves of despair, God has a chance to show up and show out on your behalf! When you stand for something a challenge will come, persecution, heartache and pains, sunshine and rain. Stand up for everything so you fall for nothing.

With a deep rooted love for anything you want to accomplish you will only sway from side to side, and never fall over. The roots of your desires, dreams, aspirations will keep you from slander and the tribulations of anything the Devil can cook up in the kitchen! You will only eat what you have experience with, God’s food has been proven to sustain your will and needs!


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