Did he (Diddy) Steal Hip-hop

Lights to dark I switched from off to on. Switched like lukewarm to hot, or woman with small hips to men with rouge lips. They both wash off my sins, but I didn’t use Gain to move forward, because the Tide turned for me to give you my A-L-L and now I can scream, SHOUT, and Cheer! As if a Febreeze came from the clouds up above to descend down the pouring rain of words that flow with ease. Diddy drove down Park Ave. only to get stopped on Boardwalk. He lost his soul, lost his bling when he couldn’t grab Mase in the club. Lost his Shyne when Missy called him out, she needs her money and BET was her SHOUT out! Man Diddy you worse than platinum plaques. Oh by the way Biggie is still alive. Hip-hop soul wants it’s soul samples back!


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