Sneaker News

When you hear so many negative things around you, it rubs off like a cheap pair of jeans onto your good sneakers that you walk in.

This keeps you shoes stale and your steps funky and unwanted. Your feet waver with every step, because you shoes whether cheap, high-end, or even sometimes all white don’t want to get your stained wash on their person. The sneakers are the people around you who are trying to clean up your image while keeeping themselves at a close distance.

They want to help you today but you just can’t stop trying to rub off on them the wrong way! Leave the stains to the potholes, rain, and other things in life that are unexpected. Expect to wear the right pair of jeans, to not bleed, and blot out the people who are their to encourage you the most! Too many negative things will keep you from experiencing the other 1000 great things that passed you by!

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