Love Jonez

Life is a lonely spot when there is nothing in the air. No breath to breathe not even a friendly stare. The lights are off and your presents are blind to the naked eye, and I am defeated. I reach out to you in my darkest hour. My minutes seem like days, a prisoner to your wayward ways, hazy skies of lies, double minded eyes, sighs with no lullabies.

Late nights filled with cries with visine to get the red from my eyes as I take a quick flight to an unknown tourist attraction to get away from you and your limelight. I landed outside of your arms, I went left, and you made your way to the light. I’m sorry you made a right. I cried to you, lent my eyes to you, stooped on you stoop, to let you know that I would stoop to your level.

Cemented in the cracks of emotions I was bonded to your mind controlling elixir of sweet talk in my right ear, with a set it off mentality in my left. Within the confines of my periodic table of affection I once grasped fell into thin air, and now as I gasp to reclaim my chemical composition, I’m now on a mission, to get the chemical equation to my condition.

Search out the laboratory of hate,deceit, and the power that was lifted from my research group. I got lost in your sauce because you looked oh so cute. I’m lost I don’t want to be found; because I didn’t listen to a few good men, and oh yeah ya boy couldn’t handle the truth!

My thoughts for you don’t want to be found because even when you’re far as hell away from me you are still around. Like summertime I will always be hot, without you I have become cold and bound to this label I’m about to be dropped…


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