Venus vs. Mars

If men are a Blackberry Storm woman are a Sidekick. Different service providers but we all want to hear the dial tone that will connect each other in life. Through numerous conversations with the opposite sex I have come to one conclusion. Woman truly are from Venus and men are from wherever we are from.

The fundamental differences that keep us apart are the same ones that gives us an attractable force that often cannot be broken like chemical bonds. As men we think we can have control because we are “the man”.

Women always ave control once emotions are involved there isn’t a man in the world who cant say once he got what he wanted, problems occurred. Emotions are the gift and the curse of life that will drive people crazy!

When we see a strong woman, some are enthralled, and some want the easy way out to manipulate, motivate and use as a promoter, a woman to get out that we are it. It only takes one woman to say you are the bomb, and than you blow up. And people say there are only actors in Hollywood!

Truth of the matter is neither sex can stand to see others of the same sex try to be friends, have conversations, or even connect! If females are from Venus why is it that more females have male friends than female friends? But at the same time your g/f significant other etc. cannot see how females and males can be friends?

Same goes for the fellas. Why do we get to have all the female friends we want, and in the same token have the guy friends around but also have females intertwined in that matrix? Hmmmmmmmm…. Sounds like females know the story, have the plot, and know how to manipulate the situations that arise.

Fellas we just plain dumb sometimes, and take the easiness for granted. It is true that females are the smarter of the two sexes, but when it comes to Venus and Mars, too many females are locked behind empty girlfriends, that really are from Mars…


One thought on “Venus vs. Mars

  1. Anonymous says:

    Luv it!!!!@coupe_22

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