Binded or Bound? (Marriage) pt.1

Marriage today is not the sacred institution that it used to be back in the day. The recklessness of people, technology, and the selfish urges of life have people caught up in a polygamist fairly tale of a monogamous dream. Too many have fallen victim to the idea of marriage, and lost the ideals of the relationship that must be built to reach towards the pinnacle of one of life’s hidden treasures. Funniest thing is we are guilty of the one thing we learn as children. Sharing is caring, but on this instance we are sharing our love of self with only those things we wish to be attached to that give us an emotional high. Everyone is afraid of the drug addict, but in reality we are all addicted to something that keeps us from growing. In marriage the man is left on an island when it comes to planning, participating, etc. The only part he shares in is watching Bridezillas or making sure he is not too drunk to stand up at the alter. If marriage is a testament to sharing a bond, why do we give the day of marriage so much merit as to how things will be…?


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