Interior Design

I am the architect of the perfect situation for every occasion of the heart. I am the foundation of every lustful emotional outburst that flows through us. I can build you up when no one else wants the job. Only I know the intricate workings of your sublime mind, body, and soul. Many men have tried to duplicate my work, even some try to demolish my work, but to no avail! They cannot duplicate the stamp of approval I left on your heart and the scent I have left in your mind.

What do i do?

I make the bed that we lay in, I have built a happy home of memories and emotions that no one can buy, sell, or take over. I am the foreman of this lot, I am the one who built you up, no, no, built us up to a level of an overflowing, emotional high of love that you can never recover from. Who else can create such a being from scratch, such a state of mind? Only the architect of the heart, whose heart? Yours and mind’s…


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