We are married! Yes I said it we are married! Was their ceremony, in our minds yes? Marriage is a state of mind. In many a relationship people feel they are married before they actually get a ring, say I do, move in together to save on the rent, etc. At this point we fail to realize we are single entities trying to conform to a bond that doesn’t equate. All these things put my mind into one perspective. We are all married to our own traditions and ideas of how we want things to be. Parent’s ideas, ideals, friends who are or are not married play big roles not only in these relationships, but those as friends because that is a marriage as well. Ladies why do you think some of your so-called home girls fall off when you get engaged into another situation? Men why do you think your so-called boys clown you when you can’t watch the games anymore, play Madden anymore? It is because we are engaged into another activity that broke that marriage!
Every time we have something go our way, we have just said I do to the idea of something that we wanted for ourselves. Often times we are married to our job, because it provides, but we forget that God provided the job for the means, not to slave yourself to get married to the new Lexus you just bought. Married to the idea that if you work hard enough people will notice you. Heck people noticed you were working hard because they married your toil with the spoil.
Marriage is a sacred thing. So sacred that many people stay married to themselves far to long! Oh I’m sorry I just stepped on some toes. That marriage is what I call a single person, who says men are dogs or that women are scandalous. You are single because you are married to the idea that you can live the single life as long as you want and transfer that lifestyle to another person. Be with that person and still lead the same life! Not possible if you are forming a common bond, oil and water don’t mix! Take a closer look you are talking about yourself!!!! You’re married to the thought and fear of finding the right person and not being able to handle what they bring to the table. Wake up people; we are all married to something! The question is can you admit you are married to the wrong things, ideas, guilty pleasures? If you want to be married to the one who birthed you, you have to be married to the sacred idea that sin is bound up inside of us, and lose the foolishness of a child, and learn to have a childlike mentality! Don’t sweat the techniques of how to be married! We have been in many a committed relationship all our lives we just didn’t know what to call it!


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