Rated Are

In an effort of unique proportions I have taken your mind of the sensual thoughts that were on your lips. As I slowly caressed them against mind and soul you saw through my wicked ways and allowed me to ever so slowly undress your thoughts of making LOVE and let me LOVE you. Yes I was aggressive in my attempt to win over your body, but I also lucked out and caught pieces of your heart. I led you down the road of unknowing bliss. Blindfolded you followed me into a state of mind that left your mind blank. What I put out on the table was an offer you would not and could not refuse! I made the goose bumps on your body come to life, I am the reason your legs shake till you fall a sleep. You wonder why your mind wonders when we are apart. Don’t you understand we have molded each others minds to be one cohesive unit of lust, love, and emotions! I know exactly how to start the flows of your body that kick start an emotional rush that no other man can provide. Mannnnnn, no man else could give you that feeling of erotic emotions! You want to be taken over, the helplessness! The feeling of being lost but knowing you were safe. That’s when LOVE comes back into play! Of course I have taken you on a conquest of our sexual tensions coming together to come to one climaxing explosion. The passion! The feeling of my fingers running across your spine, and than around your waist. You can feel every inch of me as I explore your uncharted territory. Only for me to make it home, to the heat! To where only I would go when it’s cold, but alas that sensation and feeling is over and when I come down from my high I am left to a surreal state of relaxation. My LOVE pose! Where we both come together with smiles of affection, and warmth in our hearts as we cuddle, and fall into a deep sleep of LOVE…


2 thoughts on “Rated Are

  1. daidaglamazon says:

    Muy Caliente! I love this piece…the word play is sick and you definitely painted a beautiful picture on the canvas of my psyche. I can’t find the words to express the euphoric feelings that invaded me through ya words. I am still lost in the picture..excellent Bruth Thanks for sharing..

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