Strawberry Letter 23

As the sands of time glide by, the rhythm of your body flows against the sounds of love we make. The strings of your heart play in my mind as we seamlessly come together. We come together to form the most beautiful symphony, the symphony we have created time and time again is never ending. Every sting is plucked; every heartbeat is felt in each pulse that goes thru us as we continue to enjoy OUR music. I am always high as I am outside of our orchestrated love musical, watching, wanting, and listening for more. I always want an encore of a different performance, a different song, a different feeling. Every song I feel never feels the same, but leaves me spellbound from the intoxicating injections of sound that is OUR life music. The music that makes us whole and allows us to exist without one another. We survive from our own soundtrack, our own theme music. When we are intertwined we create an elaborate creation of intoxicating, spell bounding sound that resonates throughout the depths of OUR hearts.


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