Mind to Work

We must have a mind to work if we want to get somewhere we have not been. The inability to learn how to cooperate with change will allow u to stay stagnant in movement and let us accelerate towards being mediocre.

Alot of the time people think they are making strides of change and really are embracing the fact that they are not what they used to be. The question is what did you turn into, and are you happy with that. If the answer is no, you really didnt make a change you made a chameleon type color swap.

You shape shifted yourself, to be the same person with red spots instead of yellow, and you can switch back at anytime.  In order to make a positive change and move forward we must desire the change, and embrace not only reaching the goal but maintaining the desire.  In closing distractions will always be present when you are running stride-fully towards your goals, at a turtle’s pace!


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