BS Proof?

After listening to Raheem Devaughn’s song Bulletproof it made me realize that as black people in the nation we are always dodging bullets of oppression, needles of despair, in the thick air of an unstable economic climate.
We live in a toxic waste dump of sex on TV, crimes being played out like rated R movies on daytime TV, and political figures holding the public as political prisoners. As African Americans we pride ourselves on being able to see snakes in the grass, but we got so dayum lazy we don’t even cut the grass no more!

Always looking to other things to raise our kids, and we cant even raise out the bed on time to get to work, the news telling our life stories, cause most of the time we are the news. I know every time I look I try to make it seem that I am bs proof. That I cant be fooled to follow, and Im the main person on twitter following, on fb following the very things I complain about.

People always say they can spot the truth, how is that a reality if if we cant tell the real housewives from our real housewife, or did we wife swap, to get that image of what a woman should looked like, so we can swap the wife for a concubine, one that’s fine and didn’t age like wine with time! The man has loaded, cocked, aimed and shot us full of the disease of following the wrong things. Shot us with small time dreams, miracles of things never to be, we instead blame our own people, the truth is our own people, disowned us a long time ago,

When the word nigger can be used against nigga to mean to different things lets me know, we learned the word on the street brought it home, and we never learned to let it go. We living life like we bs proof, but the vest is on our chest, I wear my heart on my sleeve, and the bullets are now in my head put to rest. Rest assured Im getting my mind right to fight the pain of the hot lead that burns down through my chest.


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