Paper Planes going M.I.A

For those who say hip-hop is alive and thriving are lying to those loyal fans from the inside out. Many people inside the industry say that the landscape of hip-hop is better than it has ever been. I beg to differ! What has changed is how many people have their hands in the cookie jar of the next up and coming star. Can we market his look?

Can he hum a tune, can we as Lil Wayne would say “put Drake on the hook” to make the music sell. The industry is now the Uncle Tom of the genre, they have pimped the content of the music I grew up on to sell me some headphones, a Ed Hardy shirt, or the newest alcoholic beverage of the day. Oh yeah now you can insert the picture of Nuvo, or the video chick that was discovered last week!

It’s really a stretch when die-hard hip-hop fans can’t even find a decent song that they would play at all. I’m tired of hearing people say we need the Soulja Boy’s, New Boyz, and cat in the hat a$* rappers out there who can put two words together. Get them to freestyle, use a beat that didn’t come from fruity loops. Go unplugged; learn your history on rap.

Sit down with KRS-One. Teach who the pioneers of the game are and pattern yourself after that. See what Outkast has done; look at Nas in his early days. Learn who DJ Premier is, being underground now means that you don’t sell so the Industry put you under the ground! Don’t pattern yourself after your homeboy down the block who downloaded a computer program to make beats, or uses Masterwriter to learn to spit heat.

Niggas in the game don’t know about hard work, grinding work! You have so many people pass you off as the next whoever, that you fail to be the next you. How many rappers out there know who their fans are without a publicist, etc. to steer their direction? Seems all the industry niggas have people who have people who need other people to validate that they are hot!

They have to reinvent themselves 1,000 times over just to reach Gold. Gold aint nothing! I know more people than that and I will never go Gold. It’s a shame when you see artist have to reach to use gimmicks to be mediocre! Have about 15 people on staff just to make sure they are marketed correctly.

If you are as hot as you say you are you will market yourself. The tried and true way of word of mouth will never die out! There is too much crap in rap for anyone to wanna learn about your trap, wanna rep your hood, see you go to jail and still feed your kids while your fans live in the hood. Maybe rappers need to go wood to understand what is really good! Hip-hop is like Kanye West career right now, M.I.A without the Paper Planes, and will be just like Jay-Z DOA…

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One thought on “Paper Planes going M.I.A

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well said!!!

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