Freedom to Preach

A blessing in life carries a huge responsibility that most are not will to undertake when it comes to truly doing something revolutionary. The blogging scene is a new frontier I have embarked upon to get my feet wet on the journalistic side of the internet; In theory blogs are an old way people have communicated for generations. Its an update of the neighborly small community information that was passed from person to person of our Southern roots. The group at the Barbershop, the hairdresser, the people in our small town we know by name and see everyday. That is what the African American community was built on, a small village that lent out hands to raise each other.Information was never questioned because it was always from a credible and valid source. The truth was known because in that small arena everyone knew about everybody. Maybe the message changed a few times because some added their own Jeezy ad-lib, or a Diddy remix to it, but the core of the story remained the same.

The urban blog game as it stands now is a joke! Everybody and they mama thinks they can write a credible article because they stole, footage, information, or work someone else put they foot in. Authentic writing and information is that, real! Just because I watch TV, or listen to music, or know one person in the biz doesn’t give me a voice! As I type these words I too and included in the population of those that think they can blog.

I reached out to Gyant at and told him I had a vision, and without listening to him I ran with my thoughts and never looked back. I told me of how he has worked his way up from the bottom. Paid his dues, but he always had the same theme throughout. People these days don’s get paid for their dues. The ones who do skipped steps, sold out, or bought in to an idea that something like the imagery of ones mind was free! We all have ideas but we must go out with a purpose, not be Paul Revere and just shout some tom foolery so someone can say ” what he is saying is the truth” and have no idea of what we speak.

Bloggers today are cut throat, sell you out so they can touch on Gucci Mane diamond ropes. Get an exclusive that another blog might have covered hours prior and call it a news flash. Your right it was, it flashed on your twitter ticker and you grabbed some pics and info, and hit the copy and paste, and voila, so you think your a blogger? Don’t sit in Iraq in a bunker and report news that has already been covered, go out get your hands dirty and find the news! Go into your heart, hit the search button for Love of the game, take those thought you have had for years and speak the truth from your mind! Pour that Bisquick mix of something edible for you to eat and understand.

To put you in the game you have to pay your dues and put your imprint on the game. Do the homework for free, put whoever you feel has something valuable, and work on your blog for free! People have done this for years. The blogs have been here for years, and now we act as if we can all talk about the same things. There are only a select number in the NBA, NFL, etc! We must know where we came from, and know who paved the way, for us to speak freely, and write! Urban blogs like straightfromthea, gyantunplugged, shuddup k.i.m, and concreteloop, have some gossip involved in their content. How many people know where they started or came from, what they have been through? The fact of the matter is that is not all they are about. They have created a canvas, painted a picture and give insightful information on events that have some meaning to the African-American community. It is opinionated but they look to bring us the information for no fillers, no bs.

People in our community need to recognize bloggers who are on their grind, going to cover events, sitting down for the interviews. Ever one who starts a blog these days wants the fame for the game with no hard work. No paying you dues, but getting things for free. Nothing is free if you haven’t done any work!!! I keep hearing alot of people complain and go at each other’s neck because one person broke a story and another person ran with it! Everyone on the internet can eat! I have never in my life seen HBO go after Showtime, ABC go after NBC. What you see in White America is cooperation to get more content, and more viewrs. In the grand scheme of things that is the best way to get more people to follow the movement! Im not sure if you didnt notice but bloggers don’t paid money for their efforts. A REAL blogger does this for the love, not the affection of fans, or people knowing their name, their brand, where they are going to be, but a REAL blogger can be seen by the LOVE! I know Love of the game isn’t real to everyone, but it is truly a vision of something never seen. It is a passion to do soethin you Love to do, but at the end of the day we need to stand up for those who paved our way, and make sure they get paid!

In general we are victim of our own success. People in this era do not realize we are held captive by the information we take in and send out like a fax. In this day and age with CNN, the internet, being exclusive means you were the first person that you knew that was smart enough to package the drug (information, gossip, insert your own definition!) cook it up (stir some value), cut it (take out the parts you knew no one would want to hear), and supplied it to the people you knew would send the information over the Gosspnet. That’s right the internet is no longer a thought pad. Joe Budden’s said it best in his cipher freestyle ” I aint spit Ether yet, you need a major I just need an Ethernet.” All you fake bloggers out there with mediocre pages, having your people, or someone else but you create your vision when you never learned what CSS, HTML, or worpress is! Get a  real DJ, get a clue! “Be a student of the game, not a teacher’s pet!” Learn the game first, reach out to some of urban blogs pioneers before you start throwing shots at the throne. Be quick before they get grab Macbook laptop’s and start a revolution on your blog!

If you don’t like truth I’m speaking to you, I know Serena will, Im coming with the truth, I will get the US open like Serena. This the body issue from my thoughts on the game, you cannot fine me or take away my crown, I wont have to go Australian to go down under ground, God is my voice, here him speak out, no LOL or laughing out loud!


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