Family Ties

Foolish people cannot avoid strife by themselves they always need a palm and a pilot for directions! What a true statement! When I look out into the world I always see the fallacy in life that are the leeches that hold onto your roots in life.

The people that latch onto you when you finally are more than just a family member. You make it big in the aspirations of your life, and the people who were there from the start come into the picture to knock you down. They pull you over, because you gave them a cold shoulder when you went off to college. So they can search the vehicle of your dreams to see what you are intoxicated with that has you swerving into a whole new lane in life.

Having God as your driver is not an easy task. You always have those who want to ride shotgun while they blast you into the backseat  of shame. People want to know your secret and what got you to be “a goodie too shoes” or “high and mighty”. Man please get a clue! Open up a book and learn to love your God! Love yourself, so you can gain some wealth and admire the stock you should be putting into yourself.

We never get to the root of the problem, people always want to cut you down at the part of your tree where everyone can see you. They get you rotten to the core when they expose your emotions, and show you who you really were, and start to bark up the wrong tree.  All they can see is “that cat is doing good and we all know dogs can’t climb on tree’s!”

The haters wont attatch at the limbs, their hate is too heavy! Their fall would be from the top, and their weight of pride would allow a steep cause of lusty design.  The fruit of your labor is guarded by your lightweight efforts that pay fruitbearing dividends, their fruit is no longer their tree has bad hair days like no perm, look at their direction it has split ends!


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