No Way Out

My verbs are my bond, from my seeds to their moms. I’m posting bail from my incarcerated scarface of desperation, freeing my intelligent captive cells. Catch the flyer’s of my thoughts as I spread my wings like bird flu. 

I heighten thoughts from above my cerebellum like unlimited minutes on your Boost phone. I’m no different from hue. I can  black or white, but we all blemish black and blue. We all u-turn from those that are true, trying to make money to land in the black maybach coupe.
Check CNN we’re the opposite of the Crips, we broke like corpuscle, my veins are spewing Blood red.  Loop back running  track at the end of the day my verbs are my bond. Even if we are the same people with the same script, we feel different just stick to the script!
 Doesn’t matter if I have family sedan and you date Hoopz, you still a broke nigga with money in a Bentley coupe. Two doors instead of four you implore you cant afford more cause you riding around Atlanta in a broke nigga’s version of a Honda Accord!
Last time I  cashed my check, my stocks and bonds were on the rise, your Bentley lost money as soon as you cut the check, whoa is your demise. Balance your thoughts, break bread. Stop trying to divide a Devil’s pie, open your eyes wide!

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