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The World Is Not Enough!

It’s shortest distance to God when you make that walk. To hear the speech, to hear the talk.

You ridicule how I converse and chastise if I use Genesis or maybe a revelation in my verse.  The words flow into a genuine prose.

That’s what you read into, and that’s all you will seem to know. You test my will to jada way to ponder is Todd real?

I aim to send my instant message from God to you! Anytime you drop by my address do you study my facade or the interior layout that is before you?

Have you screened my web on purpose and lost my vista and my views?

God only knows my hustle. He knows why my lyrical exercises advanced the use of this God given muscle!

You never see my workouts, but you see in me the actions of words on your LCD screen!

I read the blogs, and looked into hip hop, but I saw the bible as my one hope to not just find quotes but learn to spit hope to quench the cotton mouth in my throat!

I learned not for knowledge but to have cliff notes to spread my wings so I can give life to the breath of fresh air.

Then I digress!

I don’t know what to do; I’m caught up in eve’s bayou of your witches brew! If I listen to you God won’t be transparent and I will be tagged see-through!

I’m drunk as a skunk from all this double talk. I might just sleepwalk into a thought. Crying upstream, by a riverside, but I see the Pharcyde keep passing me by!

These words were real, lets make a deal. no reenactment intended God’s words through me is not a plot from Unsolved Mysteries!

My next act will be a game show. I have the words, you pick the prose! Only difference this time is I know where I am going, but your flow is stuck in traffic on the highway the Internet exposed…


Designer Lables

We don’t give credit to anyone or something that will brag like Erin. Wish on Lucky Charms to stunt through life’s cereal schillings. All we have are double standards to look upon. Never passed a standardized test like SAT’s, we can’t drink our way to higher levels even though I Mac the culture at the Genius Bar!

 Common sense the flow, because we don’t know how to make those common scents     Febreeze their way to earn dollars and cents. We are left with $3 dollar bills and that just don’t make sense! We refuse to stay to the right and chose to exit stage left.
All are afraid and ashamed to be labeled a fool, a lame, even Sears got tools! All for the wheels and the fortune, with no commercial breaks, we can stumble and fall. Do we ever see are serene allusion at the pace of real life?
 Living so foul we forget to take the two free throws to get ahead. Instead we run out the clock, but it’s as if God’s not winning! When you look at the community all we living is sinning, and grinning.
 The equation falls to be unbalanced on the beam. Stumbling out on the floor exercise in our stupor we are drunk with power.
We lost the balance.
The scale isn’t off; you’re overweight because the scales now broke!  All the excuses you brought left you lethargic like the biggest loser. Got you caught up in the ring by the right hook of the devil to have you down for the count like Sesame Street. One, two, three, ah, ah.
 Not being able to make the bell, you fell to the depths of hell, not another fake idea of yourself to sell. No more God to help you back with Diego and a rescue pack!  When you cause your own 808’s and heartbreaks, stop putting your foot on the peddle! Surrender your driver’s license and let God drive your spirit!
 Take a backseat on the slope of rebellion, and get off the death star. Fade to black, read your credits to see who stars in your short film!

“Do-It-Yourself” (Interior Design)

Everyone has a vision statement to claim! But out of all the outcries of interior recessive lights who will put in the constructive work of a lifetime?

There will always be a next on deck. A new face on the scene, a portrait of paint by numbers, to add or subtract from the lien put on your internal home made dreams. From the Melting Pot of luck, society brings a dream of mediocrity to everyone’s opening scene. Remember, there is always someone ready to explout the ideas of the next “it” person. Always someone to pillage the village of your God given theme!

But who wants to put in the time to build, a palace of aspirations, to be the respiration, to breathe life into God’s inspiration?

Life has shown that talk is cheap; it costs you nothing to pay me your mind, if we pay attention the change will come in time!

Oppurtunities are made from scratch. Through the lens of rustic flashlights of silence are those ingenius ideas of faith driven dialects birthed in the darkness of public doubts.

No one but God knows how far you will climb, or how far you will go. They have gassed you up for a long time, now its your turn to shut up and drive thru what God has destined to do for you!

Not everyone in your screen will play along with the cast that God has thrown into the pot of affections and streams.

From days to hours, minutes, to seconds, thrids to umpthteenth times your vsion should never be viewed in the view of the people in your zone. The more and more you speak the more you devalue your God’s property!

The aura and the allure are whats in store, don’t sell the farm. God’s plan is for you and you alone! How can you possibly talk your way out of God’s daytime minutes, only to lose your family plan?

When you broadcast your newsflash across the jumbotron of the public’s eye you are clearly becoming the CNN of your busi-ness! The idleness of leaving your dreams in park will let people around you take the keys to your happiness and allow them to valet park the wrong notes!

Too many of us need to hear the approved message of others to approve the message that was already approved by the most High! It was already impregnated in our DNA. Do Not Assume God didnt want to do it his way!

MMA (Monday Morning Armor)

Everyday we are in the fight of our lives, take this inspiration with you to stave off hunger. Let out a battle cry of joy, to lay peace upon your heart!

When we follow Gods words, he creates people for us!

God will deliver us from anywhere we are but are you will to stay at home to sign for the package? Will you be home to receive it?

You will spiritually only eat what you have experience with! It’s been proven to sustain your will and needs in the past!

Nostalgia (Sample This)

Where are the days of packed shows and small intimate venues? Is there a modern day Cotton Club for African- Americans to be dressed to the tee to show homage to the celebrities of their era? Wow! I can only imagine the sight of being in the same room with a Sammy Davis Jr., Cab Calloway, The Temptations, and etc all on the same bill! Playing for the same fans they lived above, next to, or shared a breakfast, lunch or dinner with.

Those were the days! No I’m not older than Methuselah, but I am nostalgic by nature. In my heart it pains me to see how corrupt the Industry of music has become. From the inception of having a black voice, the pioneers of showmanship, artistry, and loyalty to the game has all been lost. The days of free shows, hard working extras, and those who waited in lines to see all of their favorite stars in one place!
There is no way Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Beyonce, Jay-Z, or any top act can or will play a free concert EVER! It’s not possible in today’s commercializing success. The me first mentality of the Industry has taken away the most vital aspect of what kept the communities of music followers together.
The culmination of knowing your favorite singer was an earshot away, being a breath away from having a conversation with a Stevie Wonder, or being able to have an intellectual conversation with Marvin Gaye. Closest you will get to any one superstar these days is to pay your way into recession, or win a radio/internet contest in which you have a few seconds of their invaluable time!
What happened to being real people? They come from the same environments, cultures, hoods, that we do. How can we relate to someone who won’t give a free show (unless it benefits their brand!) Why do I owe you something for you being who you are? I have seen Oprah on TV but Oprah has never been by my house, never visited the hood unless it was to plug Jay-Z!
Problem today is being old fashioned is that just plain old fashioned. I’m 28 years old and I have yet to meet people who have influenced my life as much as people I haven’t met, but I heard them! Marvin Gaye’s music will touch the soul of many a generation to come. Stevie Wonder will forever influence the way music is listened to forever! Thru his vehicle of melodic vernacular that painted picture with a blind eye to make black and white turn to color! That cannot be replicated!
Jay-Z is no where near the conversation of a legendary musician! If he were to ever read this I would say this to his face! I hold no punches, but there are very few musicians today who will consistently do something for their fans, for FREE! It won’t promote anything and doesn’t earn them dollars and makes no sense!
We all talk of how we need to move forward and learn from the past and make a change. Truth is the pioneers paved the way for today’s star’s to make a u-turn to sample their music, borrow their sound and call it our own! Diddy I call you out to commend you for at least trying to bring Nostalgia back! A nice effort but not tasteful! If you want to hear Curtis Mayfield go get the CD, if you’re that hard go get the record! In today’s listeners we have no concept of what’s new, we just get fed through what that artist knew, which isn’t that much!
The concepts of the early singer’s and groups are the only tried and true way to bring an industry of misogyny, and selfishness back from immanent death. The tasteless concoction of sounds unheard, liner notes emptied, and first day sales have driven this community into the ICU of life support that music brings us. When you sample to much you get full of the same thing, junk music!
If anything we should sample the buffet of how to make music right! Get out to those places that need the music to have a beacon of light, showing that as African-American’s our stars can be heard! Sample the heartbeat of Black America, and watch the Industry of our nostalgic past come alive in the hearts of all fans! Nostalgia is alive and well!

Jesus Walked So Why Run?

God’s track record is never out of shape like BIG GIRLS in spandex stretching out over the couch waiting a LIFETIME to change the channel of Christ like DIRECT TV. “I Put On” Young Jeezy’s workout tape to train God’s Property, to jog your memory like Kanye West’s workout plan.

You tired yet from running a hare’s pace? I think so! Grab a drink of communion grape drink to confess that you don’t have the answers, and come up off those Cliff Notes to get the antidote to your afflicted answers!

A personal relationship with God won’t allow you to be SHOCKED like Vick’s dogs, but allow you to wear your Seven jeans, leaving you soled out like that FOOTPRINTS poster. He is no trendsetter, like baggy cloths, always tight to the body like Express cloths, in your hip pocket like Mentos!

He creates a Wi-Fi signal straight to your heart to act as a monitor showing you HD 1080P thoughts. Bringing your subconscious into Dolby digital sounds, can you hear God now? It’s never easy like SUNDAY, mourning to see the son’s day appear to you. It takes a Halogen light to see those spiritual thoughts in the daytime!

Always masked like inconclusive steroid tests, you must stay Sunday school permanent to remain Sharpie to receive his Sunday’s Best! You cannot forget the way by taking your own twists with turn by turn’s directions. Taking short cuts using Uncle Tom-Tom’s, or AM I THERE yet thoughts that will get you LOST in the ABC stores of LIFE, LEAVING the red dot telling yourself “you know I CAN’T GET RIGHT”!

Take the unwrapped gift’s inside you and continually take inventory of your purpose like RGIS (reading God’s ingenious scriptures) to get a GI Joe kung fu grip on what God is telling you. The temptation of the Cobra commander in the grass will tempt us astray with a swift Captain hook’s without Rufie-O.
Only than will we stand FACED to BOOK our thoughts, checking in early to the terminal flight of emotion, worry and despair on a temptation destination that lands us in the middle of no wear, selfishly singing Beyonce’s Me, Myself and I…. or choose to LIVE out of this world and swim with the FREE WILL (he) gave you…

SAT (Satisfying All Truths)

My thoughts are too much! While on the way to work this morning a question popped into my head. If God gave a survey to believers and nonbelievers alike how would we check the box for relationship status? There is a box for single, married, divorced, and open.

Would we say we are in a marriage with God desiring to become more entrenched in our relationship to make it grow, a partnership of sublime affection and dedication, never faltering to any temptation? Will we be single and roll solo from God because our relationship with our selfishness is too much to pass up?

Will we be divorced from him because in our eyes we feel, “I tried God out and it wasn’t hitting on anything, he didn’t do it for me, I can do better by myself. He lost that passion of the Christ we started with, I can only feel the same way for someone so many time, I’m tired of the same ol’ thang.

Or in a sense will we say it is an open relationship. “God I love you!” but I’m going to forget everything I know about you to fit in at work, with acquaintances, and family members. Hell I’m even open to going with those people in the church who are like a gang and don’t agree you!

Like the tide they go with one thing but will meet up more than they come to church, read the bible, or make bible study, because they are at that said meeting blasting the pastor, cursing the church, but wont build on God’s kingdom because the have no platform to work.

We complain about those who aren’t saved (unmarried) but never worry about who was saved first. The survey will be skewed because the truth hurts! Which box are you checking? Are you afraid to check or erase the correct box to make it look right?

Don’t look at your neighbor’s paper there is no help there! Fill in the bubbles with your hearts ink, when your fake you use pencil to erase the hurt of knowing your faults! Your personal relationship however you want it is straight ahead. God already knows the survey he’s looking to see who will tell the truth and come clean with themselves, and start being real!

Spidey Senses

Sometimes you sellout on yourself, because you have sold yourself short. You sold the farm to buy your dreams. I’m Beyonce in it won’t work without a Jay Street to Z my subway of thoughts!

Shaq and Kobe didn’t work because Kobe had a dream and knew in his mind that without Shaq it will work out! Your doubt will overshadow you when your talents promote someone else’s dream.
You can only be a hype man, when the yes man gets fired from the team. Yeah I saw greener pastures when what I envisioned had a rear view mirror of back words, and nege-Tivo that graced my minds calm that was cast in the streams of fate, or dreams of the fake! I ran after the actor, boy was that a disaster.
I got played, I’m faded. See I took a jumper, when the safe bet was to take a sky hook, to shield me from the criticisms, seal my fate away from all the no look passes that went over my head. All I needed was a quick 2 points, to see my life for what it is. You waste talent trying to follow another kid. I was slept on. I was a thorn in the side when all I wanted was to give service, and let my wings fold out like a sidekick.
You cardboard boxed up my thoughts to try to be the body when all it cost was giving up my soul, be called every name but my own, be confused and abused, because what you were trying to do was defame my God given name.
I’ve been in mental jail and was placed in the hole that tried to rip my soul and carry me through hell! The ridicule was cured like ham. You served me to the masses, wow you might as well call me a Stan, but I’m just a fan. Its not even Thanksgiving yet, yet I cannot give thanks being that I have no voice, my tower is down.

I might not have clout but to you my words will speak out loud! Be true to yourself people the perception is just that everyone else’s thoughts the reality is I’m Destiny’s Child, and the Writing is on the Wall!

Who Are You?


Who do you claim to be, the alter ego Hannah Montana (celebrity), or the mild mannered “real” person most people know you as Miley Cyrus? So many of us have lost sight of who we are to fit into a world’s we do not belong to. The network’s of temporary fulfillment of self-love, where you can follow or be a follower. We want Love, straight, no chaser! Continue reading

Through The Fire

Sometimes in life when we are busy working out jobs, or being “regular” in life we see accidents on our journey. Many of us have seen accidents as a daily routine of life, just a glance and then we go back to our fast paced life. Continue reading