Urge To Hibernate

We inherently have the urge to act inappropriately and also have the desire to anonymous in our day to day affairs. Like an iPhone to AT&T these two partners do their best to convince us that we can afford to use our free will recklessly without paying the price of our admissions of sin.

Society has proven to us time and time again that the hiding our darkness in the light of day will always have us exposed to personal embarrassment. Politicians, TV personalities, newscasters, to athletes, and musicians we all try to hide our anonymous acts of evil, and preserve those good deeds to be showcased for our personal pleasures! We all try with all of our might to dodge and duck the dodge balls of society’s persecution to save face, stay in step with the masses to keep up with the Jones’s with societies pace.

God wants us to use our free will and anonymity to avoid taking the credit for the works we do in God’s light and image. Why is it that our urges to remain anonymous are never accompanied with our hopes and dreams, for the greater good?

When we do charitable deeds that cross our heart like the bra of protection, we should not let our mind’s right side of reasoning affect what the left side of temptation is doing. We should do what we feel in our hearts will leave us with a spiritual high that will rain down and effect those who have no knowledge of the goodness we receive!

God always wants us to not call attention to ourselves but make an all bulletins call to Christ to have people come to him in droves; we can receive the words through the Bible and get the bread of life in loaves! Doing deeds out in the open is a tale and sign of selfishness! We will always receive something much greater than the comments of our peers, family and acquaintances. We get the rewards zone of the Best Buy that we invest in God, and in return God gets the glory from everyone that receives his words.


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