Are You Hungry or Starving…

In my quest to become who I am, to those I am, to where I am leads me to ask the question is I hungry or am I starving. When I ask the question it is a proposition for us to listen to the rumbles in our hearts that resonate to the actions of our minds. Do we wish to be a great person to gain fame, a different name, diamond necklace, a place to rest our morals so we can run the streets, with no principals and no beat?
When people say they are hungry to get put on, they are saying that I see that you have done what you needed to do. Put in the hard work, and now everyone around you can see through your efforts that you have it made. Now you are paid and you do less to earn and more to save.

Truly when you go after something and you are hungry, you don’t die trying, you just try to move closer to something you want. I get tired of people saying they are trying to reach a goal, and all they do is talk about it. Call everybody they know, they become a touch-tone telethon to themselves and stay hungry but get fed nonsense from friends and never feel the starvation of rejection.

Well we should be tired of being hungry! When you have God on your side if you are hungry for more you haven’t experienced anything yet! You just want some junk food to tide you over until you have another urge of something anonymous to come along that you want to attach to. Like having a hot new toy, artist, and person in your life, when you see them the hunger is held off for a minute, you’re ok, because your temptation has been fed.
In starvation you don’t ask anymore, you demand you take a stand on what you believe. You have been knocking on the door too long, and now you are tearing the door down with you words, actions, efforts, etc. If you say you are going to be in a better place you don’t just say it you go out and you make it happen. You don’t ask for handouts, you put all hands on deck and pitch in to your own cause!

I have seen a lot lately that people want a lot without putting in the proper work they want to use a known commodity to become, a new commodity! Pay the proper dues!  Walk a mile in your own shoes before you borrow a size you can’t use! Stop trying to sneak into a new release on your life without out paying the price the price of admission of what it takes to get to the top!

You cannot have a dream that someone else has deferred for free! Nothing is free in life, and with God involved if its free its not for you its for someone else! We work for everything we get, pray for things we need and do not have, and ask God and patiently wait for a yes, no, or not right now! Stop saying you are hungry to get put on! If you are hungry you will get fed just that hunger pains!

Take off the tight jeans of excuses, get off your behind, and get look ahead by getting into a starvation mode and do whatever it takes to get things in order. When God takes your order he knows exactly what to do to get it done! Clear skies and all of your cloudy visions of what you would do will dissipate, and God will take over the controls of what was out of your control!


2 thoughts on “Are You Hungry or Starving…

  1. anika nero says:

    “If you say you are going to be in a better place you don’t just say it you go out and you make it happen. You don’t ask for handouts, you put all hands on deck and pitch in to your own cause!”. Nostalja… Enough Said… Awesome writing! I love when you do comparisons. This is a clear difference between being hungry and starving!

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