Pocket Conversations

Everyday I look at my Bible, blogs, websites, etc. that tickle the fancy that drive my thoughts for the day. We all live in a world where we belong to some pocket of the trapper keeper of daily news. We all give in to the RSS feeds, email and news ticker of other people’s business, and we become the blog site whoeverweclaimtobe.com and we spread the wildfire news of someone else!
We are the anti-climactic hopes of seeing another person fall, God willing it’s not on our accord, but if they are in a Camry of trouble at least they have a dependable foreign airbag for their fall! So badly do we need to know what’s going on about people we don’t know, because those same people we don’t know, but we know that people don’t know or care about what they do when they don’t know it!

The public in question is always from the inside and works on what we see on the outside world. We all want to be involved in someone else’s life, but never want to be the shoulder that loads the strife, pain, and struggle. You will never see someone move a muscle to get something promoted unless it helps them move their hustle! Get them an invite to something sponsored by Sprite, in that green room, to have that limelight fall upon them so they can gossip all the nonsense that they consumed!

Truth be told we all come from the same mold, yet some of us mildew, and will do what it takes to help others fall from grace, to take media coverage on their problems. Move to different withering heights, to get an aerial view to show all angles of their fall from living “right” It doesn’t take much when we have social networks to show our net worth, which truly shows how broke we are together as we share our portion of monetary hearsay. From 2 people to thousands we can spread the messages of futility, and humility over the airwaves of public emotion. Only a vast ocean of positive thoughts survive in a sea of “did you hear about so and so” or “yeah girl she is my girl, but she really don’t know me”

How can we trust those same people we don’t not trust with our life, but give them a canvas to paint our life with their colors, and by their numbers? We are into pocket conversations! People are in our lives because they will listen and agree to what we have to say so that makes us look righteous and correct in everything we say. When you don’t agree the snakes come from the grass, and the venom of hate arises to spray the fertilizer of gossip and hate across the fields of joy we create.

That fertilizer moves from each group or people we know, to each pocket we have inserted our lint of emotional baggage and deceit from street to street, club to clubbing the people we know into a false painting of who they were. As a people we say we love another, only to blast each other on radio, saying someone didn’t advise me right, when I wasn’t managed correctly.

Having a pocket conversation always leads to the conversation going all Mike Vick, and rolling off you tongue and out of the pocket! Yes I can write something positive about the boy Vick! Conversations that are out of pocket are a female trait, but why are males running out of pockets to spread their lies anyways. We always look to women to be the gossip on TV, daytime Emmy’s, soap operas, and reality TV. Who is the real spread of disease with is diarrhea of the mouth. Look to the headlines, I know more men that can report news quicker than a female at the hair salon on a Saturday. All that means is the real gossip starts with men, that’s right men!

We roll out of pocket to stay in pocket, with the woman! Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the new era of where men and woman are on the same level, we can talk about you without you, and talk with you against you, didn’t know what could change like oil? Steal you thunder while you wonder who knew about me, who told me secrets, no it was Jean, it was Genes.


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