Priority to Self

Sometimes we are in a position of aid, and we overdo and overlook the responsibilities we have to ourselves. We look to help out the others in our world, but do we remember how much of a supply and demand that we have to aid with? At times it can feel as if we are close to shore. There to help those drowning in doubt, fear who have been marooned to the island of hopelessness in life!
Some need a kind word. Others need a prayer to keep their family from harm. Some of us just like being able to know where to turn for a good word to be moved by. Lastly a few people need to be inspired by the lubrication of a thought provoking word to get them through. They all sound like valid reasons to reach out but we must remember we cannot please everyone always.

As a result we can quench our fire running our fuel to sustain other people’s flame. To be a beacon of inspiration for others we must have our own beacon of light shine brightly! We can shipwreck other peoples lives by wearing ourselves thin by helping the masses!

When God the authority comes to save us, what can we say happened? Will we use the excuse that we got tired from helping for all the right reasons? No we can’t do that. God gives us a voice that can resonate for miles around and to give sight to the blind, and a vision to those who can’t hear! He gives us each enough fuel to move from struggle to triumph, heartache to breakthrough! We can’t waste our portion. We must prioritize how and what we use our fuel of life for!


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