Hot? Cold? Or Lukewarm?

Many of us have relationships that are hitting on something. Some are stuck in a stagnant situation and we choose to stay apart of them. Or we choose to stray a part of them!
We try and try to attach ourselves to things that are hot for the moment, or people we are into because they are into us. We all have the same goals which leads to a amicable relationship. Or does it?
The fact of the matter is we need to stop being a part from God to be apart of another relationship that ain’t hitting on nothing!

You know the people you talk to that have nothing of value to bring to you, and never add but always leave you subtracted from your joy! Nothing but trouble and heartache! Those relationships that our as cold as the winter in that they bring a chill to your spine every time they speak to you!

The people that you hate to see, but love to tell all your business to, knowing they have a hot and cold mentality, and will leave your comfort zone in a minute!

Why do we go through having wishy washy affairs against ourselves that leave our wash dirty? We cheat on the principals and foundations we have laid to build. And time and time again we tear down our lines of defense to play with the lukewarm useless relationships that tear our minds apart!

And for what? To say we have a person we can confide with? We know we don’t trust what they say, we already acting lukewarm with them once they walk away!

As people we are so fickle, we don’t know whether to be cold and refreshing, or hot and blessed with the healing properties of a warm heart!

We keep choosing to have lukewarm, disloyal, middle ground relationships! We have a friend in Jesus but we always choose people because God’s friendship comes with correction!

Reclaim you usefulness! Turn off the friends list of lukewarm water, get cold refreshing conversation, and hot lines! Call on God for correction and love, and than you will have spirited conversation with the world!


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