God can’t be your Man?

God represents every thought we have in our hearts. He re educates your life from the interior design to the landscaping of your exterior world. We are blessed to a Lot where we are provided the space (memory) to believe in his Will and Grace.
We take God’s kindness for weakness! Look back to when you met God, you were in a mind of foreclosure about to lose it all and God loaned you the substance to get your house in order.

The closing cost on being with God is our old life, to look to the future you have to let go of the fast past! Ungrateful do we become in the creature comforts of a new life!

We must be held in order when the mortgage bill with him is not paid with our daily relationship. On occasion we forget to pay respect and cut the check of obedience.

When bills of problems arise we want to blame God that the water bill isn’t paid, we quench the thirst for more! Complaints are made when we are lazy to the point that we are in the living room more than the furniture!

A lazy spirit! We good with God for a month and a half, than we start stunting his name and showing our —!
Do we look to bring more to him, or do we cheat on God?

Now you wanna ask can God still be your man?


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