LOEWS (My Life Your Entertainment)

Every morning when we wake up we have the choice of how we would like to start the day. A free will of daily order of operations so to speak! Do we want to add to our lives by praying to start our day? Are we going to subtract off the plaque of the previous day’s cavities with worry and doubt?

Will we run to the twitter feed, to divide our thoughts among the multiple thoughts of the day? Be fed with the choice of public opinion to start the gossip of what others call truth? Is that how we really want to start a day that hasn’t even come into view yet? Don’t get me wrong I start my days different everyday!

The truth of the matter is we all have a consistency to do something great everyday! Truth of the matter is we can’t come to the truth. We can’t claim the truth because its real, the fairy tale of other people’s opinions, and truth’s or the figment of our truth give our imagination a false God for each day!

How can we say we know how someone like Rihanna or Chris Brown feels, when what we really feel is only the figment of what we know. What we have been fed by friends, family, radio, magazine, Oprah and the news.

Since when do people need other people’s options on their thoughts to become what they think? Why is God not hot right now? He’s not hot because he is in the background while nonsense like Rihanna and Chris Brown promoting violence, and why people can’t get a rap deal lead the headlines!

They both need to sit down somewhere and hibernate for the season. Read a book! Chris finish your community service, and then do the community some service by wearing some cloths that are your real size!

Ri Ri, don’t act like the name implies! Grow-up, and if you truthfully want to help, do something to help those who can’t help themselves! Help yourself by taking a real break!

There life your entertainment. You watch it while they live it, waiting on other people to fall off the pedestal, so you can be the first to throw a judgment stone! We just wait for them to lose it all! That is a bunch of crap, that we keep feeding each other negative vibes!

We need to put the consistency of drama aside and let God’s presence rise. Then we will see the fall of all the anarchy and chaos that lies in the flowerbed of our heads, to plant the seeds of being ungodly!

I said it! In the end all this talking about this person and making news about that person is JUDGEMENT! Then people catch feelings when we are personally judged, then the dramatics’ have a problem!

The fact of the matter is people aren’t people anymore! We lie down in anything, and will fall over nothing! The media is not always the problem. But the media we feed each other gives the media a medium for a platform to take off and dive into our minds and fill our pools of thought with murky water!

Wake up people, the truth is the people who aren’t you are you. You just can’t accept that they are another hue, have the same ideals and point of view. In fact they look like you, not your next door neighbor, but the picture window that shows through your mirror’s view!

Thank you for coming to Lowes. Sit back relax and enjoy the show…


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