When we look out at what we see, negativity is all we come to grips with! Fear comes across us like a swarm of bees, stinging and leaving us in fear of what can be. Am I allergic, will the bee sting make me blow up? You know I got tha suga, their stings might kill me?  A world of pain comes over as big as Goliath when we see it coming. Fear is just a fog! Do you ever really know how big it is until you really see it?

Your imagination can play tricks on you when you mind is fixated on negative images that play and station on your imaginations HDTV! The fear of H1N1 sounds impressive, it scared the hell out of us, yet personally how many people do we know that have it? How many are still living? When we see how “reality TV” plays out, only to find out in real life what we thought was real really wasnt?

We sometimes come to find that what we saw on our mind’s tube was actually that, tunnel vision. What the producers wanted us to see we saw. Looking back we see that this person wasn’t truly the bad person, but we perceived them to be due to what we saw!

The negativity of the world is not always included in the world we live in! Swallowing the world’s lies leaves your physical body in pain! At times its like when you get a small cut on your arm, people say “well you know Burly Earl had a small cut, went to the hospital and never came out.” What does that have to do with your situation?

When the impossible comes into your mind change the channel! At times when we are in fear of what we see, what we see is a figment of our imagination without the sight of faith! Having faith means we know when to change the channel of negativity, to have the hope and direction of seeing what is really there. Just because you blood from a small cut doesn’t mean it won’t stop! 

Small cuts only gets bigger when your imagination leads you to see it bigger than it is! Fear starts small and is highly contagious when it is spread over the airwaves of the convolutions of your mind. When you are more disciplined in your thought life, the nonsense that is on your TV will be blacked out in your area!!!



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