The Fall

Adam Bomb’s piercing through air in the Eve of two-a -daze to cause and effect harms way spreading swine flu like teachers in preschools. Nights like this I wish that reign from God would fall, let him reign; let him reign inspiration through me pumping 5 heartbeats back into society.
Ole Eddie Kane couldn’t mess up God’s eternal plan, without casting the so called REAL WORLD man! Leaves fall from branches, snow from avalanches, bird droppings from the sky to ruin any episode of WHATS HAPPENING.
Colors change like contacts in light eyes, darkening the shining sea the error without tapping the auto-correction tape up with sharp edges. Clothesline the track with cloths pin flows to dip dry the sweat and tears of our failures seeping into the ground like well water, nourishing like sweet water, quenching your thirst for knowledge like Smart Water, while keeping your spirit healthy like Vitamin Water.
Dressing your room with thoughts of a change of cloths and go like Jay-Z’s records putting you to sleep with that ITIS flow attempting to dress up boo boo lies like Christian’s without Dior. Covering your Girls up with foundations caked up with face masks to take off your cool without Andre 3000.
OMG IDK what are Christians really listening to like DEAFTONES, SMH @ concerts with muted headphones, are off can you hear me know like VZW cell phones, towers are down and Chris the Rock is asking for one RIB now, only God’s Gonna Get You Sucka.
To Behold a Lady listening to your SPEAKERBOXX, watching TV as the World Turns with All Your Children don’t fall for the EVE, don’t fall for triple X white T’s, don’t struggle with men wearing girl’s jeans, but turn your God on like a true SOULJA…BOY.
Unlike like the trend of showing my God running things I don’t have to shout Mary Mary like Sandra from 227. Like the Mullage Rouge its the ladies in WRAP, I’m here to uncover the mainstream garbage bag WRAP, boy I’m Glad I can Zip-loc my flow and give away God’s high no relapse…


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