The Definition of Love

Where do I begin?

In a song, a word, a whisper, an emotion, a touch, a smell, a love? What sets your heart apart from the world when the world turns away from you and everything you know? Is LOVE strong enough to bring the bond of ones life together with another to make the most wondrous creation known to man?

Are any of these things enough to keep the heart’s beats. Pulsing while breathing enough to stand the test of time? Is any of this worth the riches and results you may receive from your heart having a sunny day even when the sun has gone down? Do you hear a song that was once your own but now belongs to two?

I do not speak of LOVE or of emotions, I speak of a mindset! When in the midst of that spring summer feeling do we get caught up in the feeling not to realize that things that pass us by? Do we not see the rain when it is raining? Do we open an umbrella without knowing that there is rain? Do we as emotional beings not lean on or own understanding only to find ourselves having an outer body experience?

When in this state of shock, or LOVE, or serenity does anyone ever stop to smell the flowers, taste the air, or question what has struck them like a MACK truck?


We never question it! We embrace it! We appreciate it! We thrive for it! We want that feeling of satisfaction. But how do you cope when all hope is lost?

What do you do when you have taken your last time out? Your last do over? Your last pass at something that once was great, and pure. What happens when there is no umbrella and you can actually feel the rain beat against your heart in this violent storm? It’s like a silent movement that occurs over you. You feel it, and it pains you but you can’t put a finger on it. The song you once heard no longer plays in your heart on repeat millions of time a day.

Your heart has now become what it has always been, a living part of life that now has lost something. Living a slow death your heart still beats, breathes, and pulses, but for what? Now it only beats for one. Now your heart’s beat doesn’t feel like it’s worth that much anymore. Or is it worth feeling the pain beat against your mind and body thousands of times a day to the beat of a different drummer one you wish not to listen to?

We have discovered…

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2 thoughts on “The Definition of Love

  1. rhonda says:

    Beautiful. No other way 2 describe LOVE

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