Perfect 10?

Good day! As I sit here and write this I came to a realization that at some points in my life, OK that’s an understatement a lot of the time I feel the need for perfection! A strong urge to always have it done right, or the way it has been portrayed to be correct! Driven by my own impossible standards I always achieve failure even when I am perfect because I never hit the standards I set upon myself. Now that is powerful!

After reading “the Vine” this morning I saw that there are ten traits to identify if you are a perfectionist:

1. Over-functioning for the pursuit of perfect results (People mislabel you as a workaholic)
2. Under-functioning to avoid the pitfalls and pain of anticipated failure, which leads some to question if your drive and desire (are you lazy?)
3. Avoid social contact to keep other people from knowing that you are imperfect and with blemish I know I know this does not pertain to anyone reading this because we all know we are Perfect 10’s! ha ha
4. When we “ace” a task, we cannot enjoy it because we are looking ahead to not fail at the next one! I am guilt, guilty, guilty of this one… smh
5. Over focusing on mistakes, pinpointing every intricate detail that me muffed on
6. Fearing a failure, we hesitate to branch out to new endeavors
7. Procrastination, underachievement, and leaving a started task unfinished, or we flat out quit to avoid the failure
8. This one here is the truth, but who will claim it? To prevent what others think of us (criticism) we will lie, rationalize, and just plain stay out of the public, or just tattle tale and blame others for our misfortune!
9. Anticipation of the worst, anxious and worried about a fate that is not yet determined
10. Last but not least, we complain of physical stress that plagues our mind, body and soul ex: frequent headaches, stomach pains, fatigue, eating problems, etc.

After all this we must know that we can intensify and strengthen those things which we give power to. God doesn’t want us to be a prisoner of our own feelings. We are made in an image, not an exact copy, or duplication. We are a portrait of what God is. Perfection was not made for us, be we do have a Perfect 10 of a God.

Remember even in our child-like faith we are still a child of God. We will still make mistake, but how we respond keeps us near the top ten of spirit filled life!


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