Why Don’t We Get Married?

I already know about 99.9% of the people who are about to read this are going to dive in head first on this subject! I’m going to cater to your intuition and tell you this post is not about any ONE person out there! This is about everyone!
When you ask for a definition of marriage what is the first thing that comes to mind? For men it’s the one day they get to have a bunch of parties to celebrate their last “hurrah” before the make the jump of eternal boredom! A woman’s point of view is drastically different than the previous one.  Woman have family legacies of woman who are married, grandmother’s who raised them, mother’s that nurtured their one common goal. To have that fairy tale wedding that every woman has seen whether in conversation or in dream!
For a woman, the finality of a marriage is not a problem at all. As men when look at a marriage as a final step in life, almost as if we are like rappers these days! We were hot when we were a single, than when we make a hit (marriage) we lose a little swagger and become old news to the next guy! I again repeat I am not talking about the marriage of a man and a woman, but I am. Stay with me as I elaborate and get to my point!
A common theme in the life of anyone person is that at times we all feel alone, and one way to combat our loneliness is to get married to ideas that will satisfy the intuitions we have born in our minds. I told you this was going somewhere! Are you still with me? Good! Let’s go further!  Does loneliness mean that we are all by ourselves with absolutely no help?
Some people’s cure for loneliness is to go out to the club, church, and various other social outlets to find that perfect match that will erase the loneliness that really starts from within. We must realize there is nothing that we can add to our inner feelings that any one person, or the world for that matter has to offer. Loneliness has more to do with our chemical messages, psychological, and also emotional way we view what we are offered.
Ever known a person who is everyone around them, and still cries out from the inside? You notice how many rappers have the biggest entourages, and than have the hottest album talking about how they are alone, or how they think alone? Ok I see my religious and spiritual folk are going to say how does that relate to me? Well it does! Im getting there!
People are people! There I said it! Whether you are in entertainment, the church, your job, in life we are all the same in the respect that we go through life. The one thing that separates how our lives respond to the stimulus of life is who are we involved with in our journey? Is the physical relationship we have with material things, lust, love (infatuation), people are those the things that you look to? If you do that is a short life span because as you already know things come and go and your loneliness if not tamed grows bigger! You notice that, I didn’t say it stayed the same it got bigger!
Now that I just dropped a revelation lets me give you all a simple truth! No one in their right mind can say they have to find themselves! I just found out yesterday while raking leaves that, I know exactly who I am! I know what I want how I want it, how is should be, and I’m strong in knowing that! We are all strong when it comes to what we want and often times what we need in life! Where we fall short is the epic fail that we come to conversation with everyday. Why can’t I express what I want?
Rightfully so I can not, and will not say I am an authority on this subject. I have a voice and I am choosing to turn my microphone on, and also on blast so you can all hear some good ol’ truth!  We all confess at times that we need to grow, but we are always growing, we don’t have to flaunt our growth it is seen in your character and how you carry yourself.
When you have a relationship with God you have just that a ship a vessel. In your loneliness when you are unsaved leaves you to treat life like a 5 day cruise. You enjoy the cruise ship for what its worth, and than when you feel the urge to go sight sea you get off the boat and venture out on your own. Sounds funny but its true! The food on the ship is great, the shows (stories) you hear on the cruise is excellent! You enjoy everything on the ship yet and still you keep getting off to sight sea!
The water could be rough out there, yet we still want to test out the world and all it has to offer. All the while the cruise ship sits there with all its luster, food, exercise, things to do, and still we feel lonely and we leave God’s vessel until, we finally got convicted that hey everything on the cruise was all-inclusive, and I don’t need to get off the ship!
Wow that was deep, but true! In our marriage to the things we have, we never look to ask God for his hands in marriage. We do not look to see is if God our ship mate. Or do we treat him like the crew? If we are that lonely in life how do we stay this way for years, and than come to God and see we had a friend in him the whole time? Hmmmm… I know I know, Todd you lost me, no I didn’t we lost ourselves a long time ago when Adam and Eve divorced us from God.
That split put us all in a position of loneliness! Saved or unsaved we come to a realization that we are alone here at times. We all question the authority, yet and still with the saving knowledge we have a faith like no other. Knowledge that we will never come close to the edge, and we will never experience the ledge of confusion!
Single people out there that are living without God have an unhealthy belief that marriage to God is not the cure for loneliness. The funny thing is that even those spiritual and religious people also struggle with the feelings of why, how, and God. God is something that we do not have an expertise in! Oh yeah, neither have the experience from the start, while we build, others choose to labor to how they think they should build. Translation, you have no foundation! God is the marriage we need to have if anything in our lives is to come together! Nothing can come together without a marriage with God’s way!
In the world we live in we have been taught to think emotionally. Impulse buys, suggestive lyrics in music, what you see on TV, all a ploy to play on the impulses of synaptic junctions that marry our ideas together! The romantic idea that things, people, and our love of them will conquer all! That is the furthest thing from the truth! There are so many unhappy people right now because they truly believed that having things and people would bring them happiness! You knew that was wrong before you thought that, but you went in head first anyway!
When we become attached to that wrong things at the right time we can experience euphoria of happiness. A real love we have been searching for! Or did we get the feeling and not the real thing. Like having a cheap soda versus a Pepsi, you know you can tell the difference, but why that isn’t the case with God. We have seen what he can do, who he will do it for, and how
he can provide.
In the end we feel and this is for everyone that God left us hear with nothing, but did you just hear what I said. God is everything we need to be! The choice is when we leave the ship, get off and marry the ideas of the Love we have for other things that destroys the expectation that comes from a God like life! Yes the trip on the ship is up and down, but you will be protected by the devotion the ship has to offer!


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