Ur 2 ¢, my 98 ¢ Of Change…

All the two cents in the world doesn’t amount to change if no one reaches out to collect the positive thoughts to make helping dollars instead of nonsense! Everyone has a voice of opinion, but when mistakes are made, or people throw themselves under the bus, compassion get’s the Rosa Parks treatment and has to move to the back of the bus!
I am a hip-hop fan to heart, but I’m a realist to boot.While we read our community’s comments on how to put people down instead of lifting them up,  makes me want to put my foot down and not in someone’s behind. We need a revolution in this generation of people who are willing to stand for those who don’t know the way. Use all the two cents to speak for millions who in other words don’t have it together!
No I do not have all the answers to solve Black America’s problems, but I do know what all the wrong things seem to be. Rappers, politicians, pastors, and teachers are all people as well, but as we see everyday why do we place the spotlight of shame on them. Is it because we too have the same problems and like to see others fall to lime light? Do we give celebrities or people in a spotlight a podium in a light to speak for us ?
Black America gives people on TV, music, pastor’s, church figures a pedestal because we are scared to speak up for ourselves. At times the people who speak for us have the wrong voice, their own views that we never investigate or question. We are victim’s of other people’s success and not our own aspirations.
We remain to have pocket conversations, groups, Facebook chats, blog posts, and the internet to get our Black Panther feeling on. There are a lot of keyboard thugs out there that are quick with the keystroke, and then in person have fewer peeps then the bird on your tweet deck!
Silence is golden, but in this age we need those who have a silent word to say to have an un-muted voice! You would think we run on daytime minutes, and all we can do is text our complaints! I am not the only person that feels this way, so why am I the one who wants to speak up?
Where are those who voted for Obama who didn’t vote this year? Where are those warriors that need to go to battle with those who have oppressed us from within?  Who will fight against the high school media we have created in our personal chat rooms? Why can’t all those people on Twitter use that keyboard voice to express their feelings in person?
We succumb to the haters we have in our own camp; we never look to help but destroy! We are like the Native Americans in that we are a bright people yet and still we will sell our own out for a quick deal! We are the plot, and the ploy that America uses, yet we still look to destroy our own people with our toys of eloquently placed tweets, or Facebook speak!
We can say all day that Gucci Mane (Radric Davis) had a shot at redemption. Are we giving redemption from a worldly perspective? How can we expect someone to change if they always get the same type of rehabilitation? If it didn’t work the first few times why not help in other ways? Who says he had redemption? Was it from the public, the blogs, the haters, from his team or from public opinion? When will we stop giving credit to hearsay and start trying to build people from within?
I don’t claim to know everything about his situation, or anyone else’s for that matter, but I do know as a community we are already burying his life, barring that some know he will create great music while he is in bars and hooks!
Why do we let people off the hook when they have made one mistake or two, but as a community we never lend out our hands as a people, but we lend hand-outs and claimed its shake and bake and “I helped”!  We see the ridicule coming from corporate America, yet when the world throws them to the wolves; we are the wolves they are being thrown to!
 I’m not just talking about one rapper or one genre, heck I’m not even talking about you! I’m talking about the High School mentality that we have clung to as we push people down in life! We have the cool kids (celebrities), the nerds (those we feel have it together), and those who follow each pack like they are on Twitter!
We add a person from this group and another from that one to stay in the know. In reality we don’t know anything but images of what we want to be or what we aspire to learn. There is no way we can uplift someone when we are all in one forum trying to find ways to bring them down through words and verbs. But who is lending out a positive message to help that person find another way?
People need to wake up and stop adding their two cents, and start taking the ninety-eight cents of change to pool together the genius of our generation to make a change, not the kind that makes noise and writes jingles, but the kind that makes the noise that can mold tomorrow’s changes today!
It’s not the State vs. insert your favorite celebrity, football player, friend, family member,  etc. Its Black America against its own young! Are we feeding on our own? Or are we speaking to the choir while we get together in bad or stormy weather to throw stones to dethrone those we gave a voice and a throne?

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