State Of The Union

We as a Black community are not in a recession! Again we are not in a recession! Who can honestly say that there are African- American’s that are feeling the financial crunch that supposedly has a stronghold on the nation today. I see people say jobs are being lost, money is being squandered, and hopes and dreams are being dashed.
Truth is as a community we have never learned to save, invest, or market how to make more money!

As a people we have always been consumers of the products that get pushed to the masses! How can we be in a recession when people (Todd Covington included) with excessive cell phone bills, party lifestyles, and designer cloths, yet in the same breath we hollering about we need to get through this recession?
Black people are Nick Cannon “hilarious”! You at the club getting bottle service knowing you in a “recession” and you living it up on borrowed time!
Listen to the media to if you want to buy things on borrowed (credit) time! Everything is cheaper when you have less money!
You ever wonder how you never hear to many Middle class white folks complain about the recession unless they have lost money? We complain because we were broke to begin with, and now we have an excuse to come out and complain about how there are no jobs!
We are to fickle in our judgments, and always quick to have an opinion without doing anything to further our cause! Some of the brightest ideas come from our community, and we still cannot complete the mission.
President Obama is in office! So what!
 Congratulations we have a black president, but what does that do for you? Do people now feel sorry for the Black community and help us out with more programs?
No, no I reach for the rolled up newspaper, no!
Wake up! Stop looking for others to fight your battles when you cannot even get off your seat of pity to stand for something. What happened to families praying together, doing things as a unit? In past times as a community came together to feed each other, to help those in need.
Nowadays we have friends in need, but no one reaches out to feed those who desperately need some knowledge!
Im not talking about physically edible food, Im talking about people need to hear some truth! We are not in a recession with money, what we are in is a recession of people using commone sense.
 If you have a good job save, don’t waste! If your bills are getting paid as they always have stop feeding in to the recession nonsense you are being fed! If you can afford to have BB you are not in a recession, you are in a recession of common sense!
You can play stupid if you want to and you will continue to get played by the people who take your money, while you claim broke!
People complain that people aren’t buying music. Well… you’re right people don’t buy garbage when they are in a “recession” If you can find a way to be on Twitter we can’t be in a recession, unless you live at the library you have to pay for internet access!
We have too many Internet chiefs, and not enough Indians who care to stop all the malarkey, tomfoolery, and shenanigans that are running rampant in Black folks. Go back to when there really was a recession!  
Generations past were lacking money but had enough spirit, and community to surge through tough times with tough people! The elders of the community had to sacrifice just to make ends meet. That’s how we sound today, and we have money!
Are we in dire straights? Yes we are if you cannot navigate with selfish spending, and extravagant dreams. We all voted for Obama last year, and this year we stayed home to complain about the recession, and that Obama is doing ok!
Check the stats!
 Look at the approval rating! How many of you know about the Healthcare Bill? What will you get? It’s a shame even with a chance at redemption as a whole we are just like those people we blast that are in jail.
We are wasting our chance to step out of the crowd, and become major players in the nation! Stop complaining and do what we are destined to do! We are of royalty, yet we continue to royal blow our chances, and remain in the jail of public delusion!
Stop blaming the man for your problems, and look at your man, or your mom. Start with a good book, read some Psalms that will help you get along. You think it’s a joke but there is hope in the quotes that I provoke you to invoke from God who once spoke of what will happen when the world loses hope.
God is real and this recession isn’t fool proof. It plays on the emotions of those who don’t know to show you that with the world there is no hope for improvement. With God all things are possible, but when you lean on the world it will crumble yo…

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