Illusions of Grandeur

I was asked by a close friend what I thought about people who hold relationships hostage by using Twitter as a social network. Forget TV Twitter is the free way of changing the channel of so many thoughts without leaving yourself. It is amazing to see how many people can be hard on the internet without moving a muscle. Social networks have become just that, channels of thought for those who cannot think for themselves! 

Need to know the newest way to cheat on your spouse jump on Twitter! Trying to run away from a problem better not go on Twitter, you are already on blast once you get on their! People cant even be respectfully discreet anymore. If your business doesn’t meet the direct exclusive right of your personal network forget it, you are all over Twitter.
How did tragedy and shame become a trending topic among people who don’t even know you? How can any real man or true woman have their relationship question answered by people who don’t even know their situation?
 I’m tired of the black community being just that, an online village of idiots that spitefully come after people by keystroke, but cannot even get a phone call to squash a beef.
The advent of SNL or social networks live to give every grown-up kid a chance to air their laundry out, dry snitch and the other side and press the news front page Twitter style! If you are that aggy go to their house and chew them out!
If you were to be in a business atmosphere or anywhere else in life you would see people have meetings to settle a dispute. Black America is so out of whack right now, the only way to get your point of view out is to get on Twitter, find some people who talk like you and follow others to learn how to be the illusion of yourself!
That’s right I’m saying there are some fake people out there who have thousands of followers but in the delusion of real life, they don’t talk to their wife. Have the house 2.5 kids and a life, but live more through Twitter than the reality that is life.
Too many of us are living out the single life through the single timeline of Twitter. Get a real life, and get back to reality, and stop stalking other people’s thoughts on Twitter.

3 thoughts on “Illusions of Grandeur

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good post and I agree. I use social networks sparingly and I refuse to let ppl know the real me in 140 characters or less. Rance Rob a.k.a @theUMF

  2. @daidaglamazon says:

    I agree with ya post concerning narcisstic grandiose personality types that plague twitter,facebook, myspace etc used as a means to further impose wedges within the Black Community as a whole.

    The fact that people air their dirty laundry is only persons executing “attention seeking behaviors” that their spouse,mates or comrades isn’t reinforcing. I too get aggravated by persons with a false sense of self hurting the lives and characters of their followers and celebrities A-like..its a disgusting display of degradation of our humanity..
    Thus, as with your post conscious folk need keep speaking up and calling out these destructive attention seeking behaviors…u hit this post on the head to the white meat…this is why I always detox for weekend’s and weeks at a time for SNL networks..
    Peace and Blessings Ya Sis!

    • I do my best not to be on everyday. If I am on any Social Network that means I am not working on building, learning and growing in an area. As with anything in life you either moderate or do without something that doesn’t not help you grow.

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