Through The Fire

Sometimes in life when we are busy working out jobs, or being “regular” in life we see accidents on our journey. Many of us have seen accidents as a daily routine of life, just a glance and then we go back to our fast paced life.

We often get too caught up in the “regular” occurrences, and never stop to catch fire for God’s presence in what we see an do. It’s no accident when he enters your life and works on the accidents you have encountered, but at those times who is with you. Or who is ridiculing, or who is watching then?

At these times we must turn to the aside and look! Have the willingness to interrupt life and have faith to STOP our daily routines! Common excuses are “I’m too busy”, “I have a deadline”, or in my time! Think again! You will miss out, if you don’t listen when he calls you!

When we miss the call God doesn’t leave voice mail! He often has our purpose for us and we hit the “ignore” button to get back to our chaos of busyness! Without God we can soon have nothing to do but call on him, just as soon as we reached our pinnacle we can fall from grace!

Past trials and inadequacies are no longer a stronghold of bondage to the truth about you! You are who you are, because you know whose you are, and you will be what you will be with him as the navigator in your life!

On our quest he has the maps to keep our consistent pace of improvement and devotion to him! Travel light. Slow down to travel in the right lane! We can turn back to God for directions knowing we will never have to ask another for a second chance!


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