Jesus Walked So Why Run?

God’s track record is never out of shape like BIG GIRLS in spandex stretching out over the couch waiting a LIFETIME to change the channel of Christ like DIRECT TV. “I Put On” Young Jeezy’s workout tape to train God’s Property, to jog your memory like Kanye West’s workout plan.

You tired yet from running a hare’s pace? I think so! Grab a drink of communion grape drink to confess that you don’t have the answers, and come up off those Cliff Notes to get the antidote to your afflicted answers!

A personal relationship with God won’t allow you to be SHOCKED like Vick’s dogs, but allow you to wear your Seven jeans, leaving you soled out like that FOOTPRINTS poster. He is no trendsetter, like baggy cloths, always tight to the body like Express cloths, in your hip pocket like Mentos!

He creates a Wi-Fi signal straight to your heart to act as a monitor showing you HD 1080P thoughts. Bringing your subconscious into Dolby digital sounds, can you hear God now? It’s never easy like SUNDAY, mourning to see the son’s day appear to you. It takes a Halogen light to see those spiritual thoughts in the daytime!

Always masked like inconclusive steroid tests, you must stay Sunday school permanent to remain Sharpie to receive his Sunday’s Best! You cannot forget the way by taking your own twists with turn by turn’s directions. Taking short cuts using Uncle Tom-Tom’s, or AM I THERE yet thoughts that will get you LOST in the ABC stores of LIFE, LEAVING the red dot telling yourself “you know I CAN’T GET RIGHT”!

Take the unwrapped gift’s inside you and continually take inventory of your purpose like RGIS (reading God’s ingenious scriptures) to get a GI Joe kung fu grip on what God is telling you. The temptation of the Cobra commander in the grass will tempt us astray with a swift Captain hook’s without Rufie-O.
Only than will we stand FACED to BOOK our thoughts, checking in early to the terminal flight of emotion, worry and despair on a temptation destination that lands us in the middle of no wear, selfishly singing Beyonce’s Me, Myself and I…. or choose to LIVE out of this world and swim with the FREE WILL (he) gave you…


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