Spidey Senses

Sometimes you sellout on yourself, because you have sold yourself short. You sold the farm to buy your dreams. I’m Beyonce in it won’t work without a Jay Street to Z my subway of thoughts!

Shaq and Kobe didn’t work because Kobe had a dream and knew in his mind that without Shaq it will work out! Your doubt will overshadow you when your talents promote someone else’s dream.
You can only be a hype man, when the yes man gets fired from the team. Yeah I saw greener pastures when what I envisioned had a rear view mirror of back words, and nege-Tivo that graced my minds calm that was cast in the streams of fate, or dreams of the fake! I ran after the actor, boy was that a disaster.
I got played, I’m faded. See I took a jumper, when the safe bet was to take a sky hook, to shield me from the criticisms, seal my fate away from all the no look passes that went over my head. All I needed was a quick 2 points, to see my life for what it is. You waste talent trying to follow another kid. I was slept on. I was a thorn in the side when all I wanted was to give service, and let my wings fold out like a sidekick.
You cardboard boxed up my thoughts to try to be the body when all it cost was giving up my soul, be called every name but my own, be confused and abused, because what you were trying to do was defame my God given name.
I’ve been in mental jail and was placed in the hole that tried to rip my soul and carry me through hell! The ridicule was cured like ham. You served me to the masses, wow you might as well call me a Stan, but I’m just a fan. Its not even Thanksgiving yet, yet I cannot give thanks being that I have no voice, my tower is down.

I might not have clout but to you my words will speak out loud! Be true to yourself people the perception is just that everyone else’s thoughts the reality is I’m Destiny’s Child, and the Writing is on the Wall!


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